‘moon catcher’ | adjustable fairy belt

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one of a kind, never to be replicated.

this belt was designed to ‘protect’ your womb throughout the month. made with aquamarine, which is said to help relieve stress and promote hormone regulation, this womb belt can help you feel as sacred and powerful as you are. there are 6 amethyst beads on the belt, which i intentionally placed for amethyst can positively influence a person’s mind, relieve stress, stimulate new ideas, and improve mental abilities. these crystals are highly beneficial of spiritual peace during menstruation, pregnancy, or any other time of the month.

made with Swarovski crystals that glimmer in the sun, this womb belt is full of beautiful accent pieces. the centerpiece is made with a material that is reflective and somewhat holographic. silver plated hardware.

the total length of the belt in 48″ (inches) and the adjustment hook can be placed almost anywhere on the belt (without sacrificing the style)

please message me on instagram or send me an email if you would like any more information, or a size adjustment on the belt.


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