black magic woman | crystal necklace


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made with a hand soldered pendant of spikes surrounding a snowflake obsidian rectangle. there is a handle on each side for the stainless steel chain. there are four hematite links farther up the chain and clear quartz wire wrapped and dangling at the bottom. the necklace is adjustable.

the solder is lead free and the spikes are pressed down so they shouldn’t be pokey, but if they move upwards overtime, they can be pressed down gently with a pair of scissors, nail clippers, or a bevel. please keep in mind that solder is not uniform nor is the metal color. this gives it a intentional “rough” texture or look to it.

one of a kind, never to be replicated

length: 21 inches long with adjustment chain

metals: stainless steel, lead-free solder

crystals/gemstones: snowflake obsidian, clear quartz, hematite


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