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with our custom jewelry, you have the power to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your style, and are totally unique to you. whether you prefer classic or contemporary designs, maximalist or minimalist styles, peaceandpines custom jewelry lets you choose from a variety of materials, colors, and styles to create a piece that is uniquely you. not only is our custom jewelry a way to express your personal style, but it’s perfect for commemorating special moments in your life: you can add personal elements like birthstones, initials, or symbols that hold meaning to you. what’s more, by investing in peaceandpines custom jewelry, you’re supporting an independent artist and designer. each piece is crafted exactly how you imagined, as we will frequently inform & update you on how your piece is coming during creation, with special care and intention.


to get started, please fill out the custom form linked below to help us gauge the time frame it will take us to source materials, create a sketch/prototype, and accurately quote you a price. we will then have a consultation for you to further explain your idea. 100% payment is required for us to be able to prioritize creating your piece and to acquire the supplies needed to start. we will then create you a custom listing on our website for you to purchase. please allow 3-8 weeks for processing time, as it takes time for items to ship to us, to design and assemble/paint your piece with utmost care. timing is subject to change, if your project takes longer we will discuss this with you. “rough pricing” can be determined by referring to my past work that may be similar in price & style to your requests; then add ROUGLY 10%-30%. price is subject to change if your additional requests throughout the creation process are too different from the initial request. the total cost MUST be paid in full before the item is shipped to you. peaceandpines is entitled to declining any custom request that may be too unlike our typical products, or something we are – for any reason – unable to complete.

IMPORTANT: customs ARE NOT meant for recreating past work, or recreating pieces made by another artist. you may use photos as inspiration for your request, but we will decline if you ask us to copy someone else’s work. please fill out the custom request form to get started:

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